An unprecedented initiative in the history of modern medicine, RAIOSS brought and made free and fully available chest CT scans of patients with COVID-19 from Wenzhou Medical University, before the pandemic spread throughout the world, before the first case was confirmed in Latin America, allowing radiologists to have minimal practical training for the exams they would receive in their routines in the following weeks.


Quick note: Since our goal was to provide the first hands-on experience of COVID-19 among radiologists, we believe this goal has been reached, so new cases won’t be added.

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Society of Thoracic Radiology

“Thanks to technology, we were able to spread knowledge faster than coronavirus was spreading itself. In a few days we’ve registered access from thousands of cities, most of them at that moment without COVID-19. That allowed radiologists, that play an important role in the diagnosis, to have a first hands-on experience in a disease that would later change the world.”

Update 2021: My own chest CT! Fever for three days, mild cough and anosmia.